CES 2017 – Where is the Weed?

CES 2017 the world’s largest consumer tech show, hosted their 50th annual convention in Las Vegas, NV. The event is so massive that it took place over four days at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Convention Center, and a combination of hotels designating their ballrooms to the event. Out of all the business conferences this is one of the most acclaimed and prestigious events held in town. As a Las Vegas local this was my was my first time attending CES. I visited the main exhibition hall at The Las Vegas Convention Center on the opening day and then again on Saturday.

There is a special buzz that happens in Vegas when CES is here that extends beyond the event itself. Local newspapers are talking about how hotel prices have skyrocketed to four times the normal rate. This proves that the next wave of construction projects including the Resorts World ($4 billion), Steve Wynn’s Paradise Park, and the 600,000 sq ft extension of The Las Vegas Convention Center where ‘Vegas means business’ are needed to accommodate the ever growing amount of tourists.

A tremendous amount of companies came to display their latest products including major car manufactures such as Ford, Honda and Toyota, as well Tesla and Faraday each displaying their latest concept vehicles. (Faraday’s factory will be built in Southern Nevada at the Apex Industrial Park, which is the same area designated for many of the cannabis cultivation and production facilities that will service dispensaries in the Las Vegas valley.)

While televisions keep getting brighter and home entertainment speakers keep getting louder, where were all the Cannabis related products?

At CES 2017 I didn’t see one product or company related to cannabis. There was no representation of home grow hydroponic systems, nor vaporizers of any kind. While some of the attendees and exhibitors showed interest in cannabis related technologies such as CannabiScope, which I displayed on my iPad, the vast majority of the people I spoke with had no connection to the cannabis world besides being the casual consumer.

The cannabis industry as a whole belongs at CES! We have so many new and valuable products that need to get out to the general public, not just our own closed community.

Could you imagine the reaction that the attendees would have if they got to take selfies in front of a live full grown cannabis plant? The place would be in shock and awe if there were live demonstrations of a rosin press squishing hash oil.

I envision in the very near future that there will be an entire section at CES dedicated to the latest products marketed towards cannabis users. I hope that any upcoming events held in Nevada will have ‘live’ medical and recreational cannabis products on display. Now that it is legal, there is no reason not too. You should have seen the line for a free beer.

*Editor’s note: David Schacter is the CEO and Co-Founder of CannabisScope and has an ownership interest in the company.

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