Sativa, Indica, Landrace and Hybrids

Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica have been classified and reclassified many times over the years. These two ‘types’ of plants are very similar to one another as they share many genetic features and can easily be interbred. Cross-breeding of any two different strains results in a hybrid strain.

Hybrids may be either Sativa or Indica dominant, or even a 50-50 mix, carrying with them both the physical and chemical characteristics from their predecessors. The majority of cannabis consumed is some form of a hybrid, except for those few strains which still hold their native lineage, which are referred to as Landrace Strains.

Landrace Strains are cannabis plants which are historically and geographically native to some areas around the globe.

Cannabis Sativa tends to grow between the latitude of 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south of the equator.
• Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica,Thailand,Vietnam.

Cannabis Indica tends to grow between the latitude lines of 50 – 30 degrees north of the equator and -30 and -50 degrees south of the equator. Historically, indicas are renowned for quality hash products.
India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco.

Labeling strains as Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica simply is not detailed enough.

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