Tribute to Franco the Strain Hunter


I never really meet Franco. At least not well enough for him to ever recognize me. And with that I want to respect his friends and family during this time of mourning. Franco will deeply be missed as a brother, father, son, friend and so much more.

Franco Loja inspired me greatly. Both as a character in the cannabis industry as well as an individual. He was a legend, an icon who impacted and influenced many of us with his lectures and stories. Franco was an expert grower and was so well educated about cannabis. His willingness to share the knowledge and the information was extraordinary.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who was first introduced to Franco from the show Strain Hunters, which is a cannabis travel show where Franco and his partner Arjan Roskam go to exotic locations and find original landrace strains.

On their journeys they came across local farmers and showed that cannabis is deeply ingrained in societies all over the world.

In one expedition they drove thru  Spain to Morocco, and then their adventures in India and on to Africa (Malawi and Swaziland), you can’t help be intrigued by the way cannabis has such a important role in people’s lives.

My favorite episodes are the Caribbean specials. One is on Jamaica and its strong history with the plant, and the other is on Trinidad and St Vincent’s which shows the vast differences in how two nations regulate and manage cannabis.

Vice – Weediquette’s host Krishna Andavolu joined the Green House Seed Company’s crew on a venture to Colombia, which has been titled The King’s of Cannabis. This episode gave greater exposure to the importance of cannabis as medicine, as well as being a life supply for so many farmers.

As a fan I saw Franco speak in Amsterdam at the 2013 Cannabis Cup. I had a judge’s pass/hotel package from Green House Seed Co and had the pleasure of witnessing Franco at his best while he was graciously greeting his guests, making us all feel comfortable in the shop.

The reason that I thought he was so cool, besides his appearances on Strain Hunters, is because I saw him roll a joint once. He was by himself standing off stage right after he spoke at the conference. He was listening to the others and very nonchalantly squatted down to one knee on the floor and laid out a paper. He then proceed to break up a cig and had then took out some weed and a grinder to make his spliff. He used the kind of papers that come on a roll. Franco drew out a huge sheet for his J and made his filter. It only took him a second to twist it all up into a beautiful long and elegant joint. It wasn’t some ridiculous party joint like the video below. It was his personal J, rolled perfectly tight, fit for a King.

I told myself one day I’m going to roll joints like Franco. Here’s to the Kings.


“I feel it is my duty to make sure this amazing plant is preserved and enjoyed.” – Franco Loja

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